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Kanabo Safari Group / Kanabo Safaris is a registered tour operator and travel agent, based in South Africa and has been operational since 1994. In this time we have conducted hundreds of African travel Experiences across South & Southern Africa and gained practical experience in all matters pertaining to the tourism and its related industries.

KSG can assist prospective clients with a wide range of services to make their African travels an experience and not just a tour. We have worn the shirts, boots, pants and hats.... to create a personalized African Experience. Like everything in life, travel is about trust, we trust ourselves and can therefore have you trust us with your travel planning and itineraries,  flight bookings, accommodation, car rental, corporate travel and planning,  golf excursions,  bike & cycle experiences, self-drive & guided 4x4 adventures in Africa & all related matters. 

We are also founder members of  Kanabo Conservation Link.  KCL (Registration No. 91495) is a non-profit organization that aims to establish a link between conservation, the general public and business by identifying reputable conservation projects in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana that is in need of marketing and financial support.

Over 24 years we have expanded our business model to Namibia and Botswana as specialists in this region.  

Kanabo Safari Group consist out of the following.

 Kanabo South Africa:  CC 9840328/23 (SA registered tour operator and travel agent)
 Kanabo Botswana: CO 2013/6240 (Botswana booking/travel agent)
 Kanabo Namibia:  CC 2008/4622 (Namibia registered travel agent)
 Kalahari Jo's: CC 2004/005602/23 (clothing and outdoors equipment range)


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