KSG - KANABO Safari Group (About)

KANABO Safari Group is a group of business entities operating in the tourism and related industries. It was founded as Kanabo Safaris in 1998 and has been operational since then as a tour-operator.

Kanabo Safaris have been operating safari Experiences since 1994, in Southern Africa.

In this time we have taken thousands of travelers, corporate incentive groups and FIT’s, on Experiences in Southern Africa. Gladly the majority became friends by returning for more of our Experiences.

Kanabo Safaris have always remained a small group operator and travel agent, concentrating on personalized experiences, rather than numbers and money. Our motto being “our sense of beauty was shaped by thousands of African sunsets”  therefor we follow the sun and not crowds.

For the same reason as per above I have decided to stay a one-man business, as I was happy and contend with what I had, made and could make. Maybe I was jealous to share my customers/friends with other people Someone once said, “find something you will do for free, then make a living out of it” That is what I did …. 


KANABO Safari Group is a registered in South Africa as KABONA Safaris CK 9840328/23    tour-operator and travel agent/booking agent for other African travel products. VAT number  4190181836


Namibia as Kanabo Namibia CC 2008/4622  -  travel agent

Botswana as Memories of Okavango  CO 2013/6240  -  travel agent

Kalahari Jo' CC 2004/005602/23  -  clothing and equipment


KANABO Safari Group consists of

 KABONA Safaris & Travel  -  safari operator in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa  /  booking agent for other African travel products  


Kanabo Tourism Services  -  tourism related services i.e.. car rental, tourism training, tourism investments etc.


 Kj'  Clothing and Equipment  -  online shop for own and sourced travel related products



 Kanabo 2nd Base K2B  -  Used camping and travel equipment and items


STAYenRoute  -  personalized accommodation options in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana


 Kanabo Conservation Link  -  involvement in conservation and presivation of African natural resources   


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