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KANABO Stays - "accommodation personalized"

What is Kanabo Stays.

Over a period of 21 years in the travel industry we have stayed at many place of accommodation all around the world. We have experienced the full spectrum from very basic to opulence. The one thing that has always been important about this is that if people know what they are up for, they are generally happy and satisfied. With KANABO Stays we strive to promote establishments that we have personal knowledge of and can therefore refer clients to with peace of mind. This is not a absolute guarantee but is a good start. With KANABO Stays we are putting together a portfolio that we know will suit the standards that our respective customers want and need.       

The KANABO Stays commitment...

  1. We strive to ensure that the establishments we promote will be owner operated. 
  2. We will select one establishment per category per town or region for this purpose.
  3. We will make an exclusive deal with the owners/management of this establishment to ensure quality, value for money            and expected service levels. 
  4. We guarantee that you will not pay more, booking trough us than going directly to the establishment. This is a service we offer to our ckients. Rates excludes walk in prices and specials.
  5. We will only list and recommend establishments that we have personal knowledge of and or have stayed at ourselves.
  6. We will place a premium on the safety of all our clients.

KANABO Ratings:

KANABO ratings and green rating is merely an indication of our experience of the facilities. It does not attempt to set standards or specifications. Underneath is how we see it.

KS 1 - no nonsense quality accommodation

KS 2 - comfort and value combination

KS 3 - outstanding facilities and value for money

KS 4 - everything you need and value for money

KS 5 - top end luxury & value you will get for your money

KANABO Green rating:  (if applicable)

KSG 1:   10-40%   environmentally friendly practices  

KSG 2:   40-60%   environmentally friendly practices

KSG 3:   +60   environmentally friendly practices  

Our portfolio will include the following:

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