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KANABO Safaris / Pre-Covid19

Kanabo Safaris have been operating safari Experiences since 1994, in Southern Africa.

In this time we have taken thousands of travelers, corporate incentive groups and FIT’s, on Experiences in Southern Africa. Gladly the majority became friends by returning for more of our Experiences.

Kanabo Safaris have always remained a small group operator and travel agent, concentrating on personalized experiences, rather than numbers and money. Our motto being “our sense of beauty was shaped by thousands of African sunsets”  therefor we follow the sun and not crowds.

For the same reason as per above I have decided to stay a one-man business, as I was happy and contend with what I had, made and could make. Maybe I was jealous to share my customers/friends with other people.  Someone once said, “find something you will do for free, then make a living out of it” That is what I did ….  

KANABO Safaris / Post-Covid19

  • Being a one-man operation we knew that the impact of Covid19 would be devastating should it last beyond our financial reach. Little did we and the world at large, realized just how long this would last and what the impact would be. It has been 27 months since I last saw a traveler/friend/tourist or had a bum on a seat. It has now gone beyond devastation, to implosion. We have exceeded the reach of our finances and savings.
  • Most of you know that I’m not one to pull punches. Our only hope was to be assisted by government and indeed billions was made available to the tourism sector. In typical African style, most of those aid-funds was redeployed (politically correct name for stolen) by carders and despots.
  • That was not the end of the implosion for us, as the ANC government in South Africa, stated by law that aid-funds was only available to black South Africans in the tourism industry, specifically one-man business’s, which by law is legal. That is fact not fiction, that meant implosion became financial murder. I am 5th  generation on this Africa continent, and are still regarded as foreign by my government, by the colour of my skin and the pronunciation of my surname.
  • As this was an unknown to all, the insurance industry also backed down on claims from the industry, as according to them it was never in their terms and conditions. Some honored their obligations in honesty, the most just turned their back on us.
  • Bookings with agents, operators, accommodation establishments and parks and reserves, that was maid and deposits paid, was in most cases honored for a 12 month period. We have long passed past that mark, which meant more losses. The ship started sinking.

KANABO Safaris /  The road forward

  • Given the above “status quo” KANABO Safaris has no choice but to “moth ball” the business, due to financial constraint and challenges and try and avoid closer/liquidation. We have stopped operations as it is just a reach too far. In consultation with our bookkeepers, we decided to postpone operation till at the earliest July  2023. I cannot see that the industry will recover, if so, before then. Bigger corporates and groups have survived, somehow, but many small operators and businesses did not. the impact was huge.  
  • We can currently not negotiate, present and offer packages to my clients and guarantee departures and execution without problems. Although the industry currently offers massive discount deals, it’s a cry out to save whatever is left. The big corporates/companies are also beginning to buckle under the pressure. It is immense and we all know that it’s not going to end soon.
  • Although most business’s  are back to some sort of level of operation, tourism internationally is still slow and uncertain.
  • It is said that “fortune favors the brave” therefor in my opinion and to uphold my reputation we have no choice, till the “new normal” becomes the norm. We will do our best to be back. I gave the last 30 years of my life to this and can never walk away from this.
  • I will from time to time send updates and developments.
  • If you need any information or just want to talk please use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • We have developed a new venture, still very much under construction, but have a look www.stayenroute.com

Kanabo greetings. We all hope for a better 2023.

Many thanks

Daniel J Nothnagel alias “Kalahari Jo”     


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