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I Daniel J Nothnagel, owner of Kanabo Safaris, CK984/0328/23 since 1998, have recently joined Huizemark Property Group, in South Africa as an estate agent (candidate) and are looking forward to this new opportunity in life, together with this group and their experience of 61 years in this industry. 

My background and experience in the tourism industry.

I have been involved in the tourism and travel industry in South and Southern Africa since 1994, running my own business since 1998 as a tour operator, travel agent and holiday accommodation specialist. I have in 29 years travelled extensively all over Africa taking people on African safari experiences. Thus affording me the opportunity to work with thousands of businesses in the related industry i.e. safari operators, private reserves, guest accommodation of all kind, game farms, travel agents, professional guides to name but a few.

My new venture and road ahead in the property sales industry.  

With this experience at hand, I have decided to specialize in the marketing and sales of businesses related to the tourism, travel and hospitality industry. I know that after 29 years I surely understand the market and the people that operate businesses in the industry. I also understand what people want and need from an owner and client perspective. Estimating the value op a business also comes with experience in the industry. Two facilities can literally be next to each other but will have totally different valuations according to the profile and history.

Over the years I have built a huge database of businesses in the industry and can tap into that to generate properties for buyers and sellers. I have also worked with hundreds of foreign travelers visiting Africa. This is another database that I can tap into to look for potential foreign investors.

So, if you are in the market for buying or selling a business in this industry, or know of someone that might be, please contact me so we can start working on it. I have a wealth of experience in this industry and can surely assist you with that. Underneath an idea what I will be focusing on.

  • All places of accommodation i.e. guest houses, camp-site and caravan parks, hotels etc.  
  • Guest lodges, private reserves, game farms etc.
  • Travel agencies, tour-operators, accommodation specialists etc.
  • Car rental specializing in travel vehicles and 4x4.
  • Coach hire and transfers businesses.
  • Farm stalls.

Contact detalis:

+27(0)82 921 4455

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