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TSAMMA Adventure Routes  -  “like the tsamma desert melon, value adding” 

Tsamma is the name for a rare and exceptional desert plant growing a fruit that is similar to that of a watermelon. Tsammas are only found in desert and arid environments and is value adding to all living creatures in those areas. Tsamma Routes conducts self drive experiences on routes that are value adding.

We provide this service to people that wants to travel in their own vehicles and experiences the joys of camping such as pitching camp, preparing food and testing the capabilities of their 4x4 vehicles. All this is done in a group structure thus making new friends and seeing old ones.  Some however don’t have the time or experience for all the administrative organization of putting together an African self drive itinerary. There is also safety in numbers and traveling in a group gives a feeling of safety.  Groups will always be led by an experienced guide in his own vehicle.

We can also assist foreign visitors and people that don’t own a 4x4 but would like to join one of our scheduled Tsamma Routes or put together their own itinerary and group. We can render the following assistance regarding this.

  • Scheduled Tsamma routes and departures, lead by experienced guide
  • Planning of itineraries
  • Booking of all accommodation, reserves, national parks and 4x4 routes
  • Booking of 4x4 vehicle with all necessary equipment for duration of route
  • Renting of 4x4 vehicle, with insurance etc.
  • All bookings and administrative arrangements will be attended to by us before your arrival

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