KSG - Training for Tourism for Africa (TTA)

Training and education are the key issues to success in any industry, anywhere in the world. Tourism has become one of the top 5 leading income generators on the African continent, specifically so in Southern Africa. Like the Big 5 it has taken its place on the global stage. This combined with the abundance of natural resources it makes tourism one of only a few sustainable industry on the long term in Africa.

Training and educating in the tourism and related industries not only make business sense but create awareness and bring a social responsibility angle to it. Conserving and preserving Africa’s natural resources must become a lifestyle and commitment for its inhabitants. This has and will create wealth and generate jobs. In our travels through Africa we have come to realize that training has been neglected due to various reasons. We have involved ourselves with the aid of corporate business and partnerships in facilitating training and education in the tourism industry. We are striving to get corporate business, individuals and sponsors involved in creating training opportunities in the tourism industry.

Over the past 9 years we gave in excess of 65 persons, from rural areas in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa the opportunity to attend a one month Level 1 guide training course. This was made possible by the generous financial contribution of Distell Botswana, Namibia and the Amarula Trust.  80% of these people are now employed in the tourism and related industries. Some are guides, assistant managers at lodges, research assistants and trainers. This will contribute hugely to the preservation and conservation of our wildlife and natural resources. This is indeed an example of corporate social responsibility.

Our aim is to train at least 10 students per year through the involvement of other corporate sposors and individual contributions. These sponsorships are fully deductable from income taxes. 

We assist with

1. Identifying reputable training institutions and academies

2. Generating funds to create opportunities for training

3. Identifying trainees and learners to attend these courses

4. Consult with contractual agreements for training facilities in suitable and conducive areas and   regions

5. Assist with placement of trainees and students after completion of courses 

6. Identifying opportunities for business, foreign and local to get involved in these courses with the necessary benefits     to them   


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