K j’ trousers “peacock”



These funky pants are made from 100% shwe shwe, super-soft fabric - available in five afro centric colors and stylish enough to wear from the bedroom to the boardroom. A secret compartment was created in our pants as a surprise and delight! These colorful shwe shwe pants do not contain any chemicals infused in them. Available in both ladies & mens cuts and sizes. These funky Peacock pants also come in shorts and are cool enough to wear anywhere whether smart or casual and have their own unique look and feel.


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


 Blue, Brown, Orange, Red



Long pants: R325.00 each R 310.00 for 15 and more

Short pants: R278.00 each R262.00 for 15 and more

Uses and USP’s:

all of merchandise is produced and manufactured locally

the use of hand crafters aims at uplifting and upskilling South Africans

the result is a range of products that is at once iconic and unique, original and stylish

Take note:

Stock on hand – Made to order Production 35 days from order Shipping and delivery excluded


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