Kj' - Ghanzi Women's collective

The Women’s Collective Botswana is a project based in Ghanzi, a small town in the heart of the Kalahari Desert in the western part of Botswana. They employ women from the local community and aim to uplift, create employment and develop skills of the women in our village. They are inspired by wildlife, colourful fabric and creative designs.

Women and Wildlife

Wildlife plays an integral role in our daily lives and they chose the vulture as their totem. Mother nature’s clean-up crew is facing several challenges and because they care, a percentage of the proceeds of each product will be put back into their local vulture research and conservation project.

Their Products are 100% handmade in Botswana from traditional hand printed ShweShwe and other local materials available in the district. Each product is carefully designed and created and each woman applies her unique skill and design in order to ensure a unique, high quality, handmade creation. As all their products are handmade the colours of their products vary as they are dependent on material availability in Ghanzi. As they are in the Kalahari they do not have big malls or shops and often have to travel far to purchase materials.

Supporting this initiative you contribute to human well being as well as conservation as a percentage of the selling price will be contributed by Ghanzi Women's collective, supported by Kanabo Conservation Link (KCL), registration No. 91495, a registered non-profit organization involved in conservation.

Take Note:

production is 30 days from order

orders can be packaged and sent all over the world

once you have placed an order you will be invoiced for 60% of total and outstanding on receipt of order

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